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Since 1977, the Ré Associates Team has been offering professional consulting services to transform organization leaders into powerful and effective communicators who get results. We mentor leaders to further develop their business savviness, communicate with authenticity, grow their leadership brand, and contour their personal presence and credibility in becoming a C-level executive.

What We Do

We coach individuals and teams to develop the mindset and the skills integral to their ability to execute a strategy, get buy-in from stakeholders, and inspire resources to move in positive directions that deliver results.

If you need custom-designed workshops and off-site retreats that can address performance enhancement opportunities, you can count on our team. We also provide negotiation coaching and training programs to our clients.

As business climates change and our dynamic economy and marketplace continue to go spiral, ongoing mastery of new abilities and skills are essential to enable employees to navigate successfully. Our programs guarantee results that give confidence to various management and organizations knowing their human resources are prepared for the future.

Why Choose Us

You can depend on us for top-notch consulting services that would suit all your needs. Here are top three reasons why you should choose us:

  • 1 We have been successfully servicing clients since 1977. Our company has partnered with more than 1,200 companies that were satisfied with leadership results. That is why they invited us to return to assist with other organizational challenges.
  • 2 Our mentoring and consulting approach is unique in the leadership development field. We employ an approach that is characterized by the ability to identify performance requirements that are directly linked to an organization’s operational and business goals. To select key business indicators that demonstrate success after working with the business leader, we measure the change and link the results.
  • 3 We offer information, insight, and innovation in our leadership initiatives that spark new approaches and solutions. Our team always strives to work with leaders in a process to unleash their unique creativity, challenge boundaries, and solve problems or capitalize on opportunities. This process is included in our integrated approach to mentoring, consulting, and training.
  • 4 We have now gained an excellent reputation in the business consulting and leadership development industry. Now that our company has been working with clients for more than 30 years, prospective clients sometimes ask us what makes us different.

Client Reviews

To identify the qualities that set us apart, we surveyed our current and past clients to find out what they have to say. Here are some of their responses:


“Offers practical, personal attention”

“Seeks and crafts partnerships with us”

“Works with our leaders to analyze opportunities for improvement”

“Penetrates symptoms to reveal causes”

“Designs practical alternatives”

“Presents viable options and choices to us”

“Implements solutions or helps us implement solutions ourselves”

“Anticipated changing business environments”

“Develop long-term strategies”

“Creates practical and concrete learning experiences”

“Delivers exciting, interactive, and highly rated seminars”

“Evaluates training on three levels: reaction, behavior change, and business results”

“Speaks both ‘management-eez’ and ‘employ-eez’”

“Prepares our leaders to be better company resources”

“Works with our leaders to remove roadblocks to company change”

“Helps leaders to build bridges for employees to reach managers”

“Looks out for our bottom line”

“Has contagious enthusiasm and passion”

“Helps us develop our people—our most important resource”

Our Clients