Welcome to Ré Associates

Our Expertise and Services Include:

  • Mentoring Executive Leaders
  • Coaching Individual Leaders
  • Coaching Leaders of Teams
  • Custom Workshop Solutions
  • Facilitating Off-Site Retreats
  • Negotiation Coaching and Training

Since 1977, the Ré Associates Team has been consulting with forward-looking organizations to transform their leaders into powerful communicators who get results.
  • We mentor executive leaders to further develop their business savvy, communicate with authenticity, grow their leadership brand and contour their personal presence and credibility at the C-Level.
  • We coach individuals and teams to develop the mindset and the skills integral to their ability to execute a strategy, get buy-in from stake-holders and inspire resources to move in positive directions that deliver results.
  • We design and deliver custom workshops and off-site retreats to address performance enhancement opportunities.   As business climates continue to change and our dynamic economy and marketplace spiral, on-going mastery of new abilities and skills are essential to enable employees to navigate successfully.  Ré Associates’ programs guarantee results that give management confidence knowing their human resources are prepared for the future.

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