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About Ré Associates

At Ré Associates, we specialize in assisting leaders to succeed in the challenging multifaceted business climate of today and tomorrow.

Our mentoring, coaching, consulting, and training processes are fully integrated to ensure that individual and organizational performance supports our clients’ strategic and operational goals.

We actively involve our clients in every phase of the process and focus on their specific goals and objectives. The result is ongoing collaboration, constant feedback, and successful solutions that meet our clients’ needs and exceed their expectations. With a bottom-line emphasis on tangible results and practical applications, each mentoring recommendation, consulting session, and training program is tailored specifically for individual clients.

Since 1977, Ré Associates has supported hundreds of companies and organizations by helping executives and leaders to achieve their goals of improved results and continual high-performance.

Founded by Dr. Elaine Ré, an internationally known executive coach, speaker, and trainer, the organization works with leading business executives in the fields of change management, leadership development, and strategic negotiations. Her own persuasive and collaborative coaching style supports the rapid resolution of business issues and productive relationships.

Dr. Ré has authored a number of professional publications and presentations related to her specialties. Her article for Newsweek magazine, titled Negotiating to Win, remains a highly requested reprint and served as the foundation for her book, 101 Secrets to Negotiating Success.

Dr. Ré holds a Ph.D. in Interpersonal Communication and Communication Environments from New York University. Prior to starting her own consulting firm, Dr. Ré began her business career in the corporate consulting and assessment division within the Human Resources Department of Chase Manhattan Bank, N.A.

The Ré Associates Mentoring, Coaching, and Development Team are composed of highly skilled coaches and consultants. Many are former Fortune 500 executives with first-hand knowledge of the challenges senior leaders and organizations face. Their experience plus our proven methodologies and customized solutions help clients achieve extraordinary business results.