Offering Consulting Services for Your Specific Needs


Mentoring Executive Leaders

For the people who have the most impact on an organization, Ré Associates offers our Executive Leadership Mentoring Program. Businesses have found it is one of the most valuable and cost-efficient tools to accelerate professional success. When mentoring is linked with business objectives, it produces bottom-line results for both the mentored leader and the organization.

At Ré Associates, we create a formal, individualized high-touch six- to 12–month process designed to reach the goals of the leader being mentored.

Our Process Employs Remote Technology and Generally Includes:

  • A twelve-month schedule to focus on improved business effectiveness. (Usually, sessions last for about an hour and are generally scheduled every other week.)
  • Identification of clear goals that will result in improved business effectiveness.
  • Structured sessions to build self-awareness in the areas of leadership style, executive image, decision-making, personal presence, conflict management, and interpersonal effectiveness.
  • Benchmarks to measure progress and success.

Sessions are confidential and designed to match the individual leader’s challenges.

Coaching Individuals and Teams

Ré Associates recognizes that leaders with critical positions might gain benefit from an objective perspective on a specific issue, dilemma, or management deficit, especially where confidentiality may be a concern. Therefore, we offer time-limited coaching to work with leaders on a clearly defined, essential area. Additionally, leaders and teams accelerate success when they work together with a professional coach.

Ré Associates has been engaged to focus on the following sample subjects:


Leadership Development for Individuals:

  • On-Boarding: The First 100 Days
  • Creating Your Leadership Image and Brand
  • Understanding the Culture and Developing Organizational Smarts
  • Communicating Strategically with Authenticity and Confidence
  • Improving Relations with your Board of Directors & Stockholders
  • Responding to Leadership Challenges
  • Introducing and Managing Change Within your Organization
  • Contour your Professional Presence at the C-Level

Leadership Development in Teams:

  • Generating Great Performance from Virtual Teams
  • Succeeding with Multicultural Teams
  • Setting the Stage for Great Performance & Results
  • Building and leading High-Performance Teams
  • Creating a “Sense of Team” Essential for Success
  • Conquering Team Challenges
  • Leading Within a Global Environment
  • Fostering Communication and Understanding Within your Team

Custom Workshop Solutions & Off-Site Retreats

Today’s leaders face a complex business world in which globalization, economic pressures, and constant change demand well-rounded, constantly evolving leaders. Leaders can be strong in one area but may be weaker in another.

Ré Associates believes that when it comes to developing leaders within your organization, two critical factors should be addressed. First, consider taking steps to enhance and maximize the effectiveness of existing leaders. Second, properly identify new leaders and equip them with the skills and know-how to grow into a leadership role.

We design flexible, custom workshops to address specific goals and organizational needs. Sample topics are listed below:

Leadership Team Workshops Developing Leaders to Create and Run High-Performance Teams

  • Guiding Teams to Success
  • Negotiating for Results and Impact
  • Selling Ideas – Internally and Externally
  • Implementing Change Successfully
  • Unleashing Innovation and Creative Thinking
  • Increasing Team Effectiveness
  • Successfully Managing Conflict
  • Influencing Results without Authority

Off-Site Retreats

  • Project Kick-Offs
  • Building Interpersonal Relationships Within a Team or Workgroup
  • Generating Enthusiastic Reception for Change
  • Stay Current on the Latest Thinking