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Negotiation Consulting and Training

Negotiation and influencing are essential skills, critical for business and personal success. Yet, in many ways, these skills are often treated as 'assumed life skills' that will be picked up along the way as people progress in their careers. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Leaders negotiate in business contexts every day – resources, projects, cross-functional and inter-unit coordination, employment discussions, corporate team building, establishing agreements with key stakeholders, contracts, and handling disputes.


Ré Associates has found that the ability to negotiate impacts the success of so many leadership efforts, that we treat training and coaching in negotiation as a separate core competency.

Ré Associates offers negotiation, both training and coaching for leaders and negotiation teams.

Negotiation for Leaders

Focuses mainly on negotiation situations that occur within an organization. The program is designed to hone their negotiation skills by initially recognizing the prevalence of both formal and informal negotiation situations faced by the leader. With that realization as a backdrop, the program will cover the three interdependent negotiation areas: Planning, Preparation, Strategy Execution – the ART and the SCIENCE of successful negotiating. The mastered skills will be applied to specific leadership situations.


Negotiation Team Coaching

Whether an organization uses sales teams, purchasing teams, project teams, or other business-specific teams to achieve a goal, team negotiations bring with them added complexities not present in most single party negotiations.

Some complexities include conflicts among diverse, strong-minded team members from overshadowing group goals, personality conflicts, confusion, and lack of unified understanding about the goal and strategy.

Ré Associates specializes in working with a team to build consensus around a goal, setting acceptable settlement ranges for each issue and developing a winning strategic process.

  • We start

    by encouraging the team to brainstorm and debate the issues that will be discussed during the negotiation.

  • Then we focus

    on the specific issues the team will need to address, exploring them and determining the range of acceptability for each issue.

  • We then plan

    strategies that can be used during the actual negotiation process.

  • We set up

    the team so that each member understands his or her role to avoid conveying weakness to the other side.

  • Often, team practice

    is included as a method to create confidence and success.

Negotiation Consulting

Ré Associates consults with executives on important high-stakes negotiations. These negotiations often include a range of possible outcomes and are politically challenging. The difference between good negotiating and excellent negotiating in these situations is often measured in millions of dollars.

Ré Associates reviews the specific business situation and then works with the executive to develop a comprehensive negotiation plan and strategy. This may include coaching the executive during the execution of the plan.

Ré Associates is also available to review the negotiation strategy and plans established by the executive to make sure that no opportunity is missed, no exposure is unexamined. Ré Associates can add enormous value to the negotiation process at a tiny fraction of the capital at stake.