Mentoring Executive Leaders

For the people who have the most impact on an organization, Ré Associates offers our Executive Leadership Mentoring Program.  Businesses have found it is one of the most valuable and cost-efficient tools to accelerate professional success.  When mentoring is linked with business objectives, it produces bottom-line results for both the mentored leader and the organization.

At Ré Associates, we create a formal individualized high-touch six- to 12–month process designed to reach the goals of the leader being mentored.

Our process employs remote technology and generally includes:

  • A twelve - month schedule to focus on improved business effectiveness (Usually sessions last for about an hour and are generally scheduled every other week.)
  • Identification of clear goals that will result in improved business effectiveness
  • Structured sessions to build self-awareness in the areas of leadership style, executive image, decision-making, personal presence, conflict management and interpersonal effectiveness
  • Benchmarks to measure progress and success

Sessions are confidential and designed to match the individual leader’s challenges.

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