Coaching Individuals and Teams

Ré Associates recognizes that leaders with critical positions might gain benefit from an objective perspective on a specific issue, dilemma or management deficit, especially where confidentiality may be a concern.  Therefore, we offer time-limited coaching to work with leaders on a clearly-defined essential area.  Additionally, leaders and teams accelerate success when they work together with a professional coach.

Ré Associates has been engaged to focus on the following sample subjects:

Leadership Development for Individuals:

  • On-Boarding: The First 100 Days
  • Creating Your Leadership Image and Brand
  • Understanding the Culture and Developing Organizational Smarts
  • Communicating Strategically with Authenticity and Confidence
  • Improving Relations with your Board of Directors & Stockholders
  • Responding to Leadership Challenges
  • Introducing and Managing Change within your Organization
  • Contour your Professional Presence at the C-Level

Leadership Development in Teams:

  • Generating Great Performance from Virtual Teams
  • Succeeding with Multicultural Teams
  • Setting the Stage for Great Performance & Results
  • Building and leading High Performance Teams
  • Creating a “Sense of Team” Essential for Success
  • Conquering Team Challenges
  • Leading within a Global Environment
  • Fostering Communication and Understanding within your Team

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